Windows Life Part I: How to Properly Install and Configure Windows 10

This video is quite lengthy. I suggest watching all of it only if you don’t know what you are doing or have never installed Windows or another operating system before.

In the tutorial, I cover how to properly install and configure Windows 10 so that it can be used right away and not be bogged down by extra services and advertisements. I also cover some important information about how to protect yourself and your privacy.

Feel free to skip around in the video, and ask questions below. I will continue to add new videos to this series as I cover more material. This is not from a book. This is not from a class. This is from my experience as an IT Professional.

You, the user, assumes all risk associated with installing, configuring and tweaking an Operating System. I am happy to answer questions and provide help where I can, but if you screw up your pc and point the finger at me, I will laugh at you.

You may share this video as you like. This includes downloading and uploading to another service. Just please cite me if you choose to distribute my video.

Please keep the comments as clean as possible. I understand this is the internet and most of us are adults, but there are children who use this service. I reserve the right to remove any comment as I see fit including but not limited to: spam, hate, swearing, coarse language, abuse, harassment. I can take it, but some others cannot. You are free to criticize me and others, but do it in the way you would want it done to you in person.

These videos are designed to teach others how to use a system that might be new to them. There may be questions you see as dumb, but do not make others feel bad for trying to learn.

You are responsible and liable for all things you do with your pc. Some of my videos will show how to install programs that can be used for good or evil purposes. I show how to use them for good, but if you choose to use them for bad and you get caught then that is on you.