Windows 10 Touchscreen Tips for Surface and Tablet Users : Gestures, Swipes, Touch and More!

Want to swipe between desktops? Want to swipe to hide the taskbar or change brightness? Check out my video for an amazing collection of touchscreen tips for Windows 10!

In this video, I show how to make the most of Windows 10 touch features, tablet mode, and also a nifty tool called TouchMe Gesture Studio. I show how I to set your start to full screen, swipe between desktops, change brightness with a gesture, open Cortana, hide the taskbar, activate the share menu, and much more. Enjoy!

Here’s some additional information to help you get started:
Link to TouchMe Gesture Studio:

How to use a gesture to hide the taskbar:
1. Download and install TouchMe Gesture Studio (see link above)
2. Download and install Autohotkey:
3. Download the taskbar.ahk file:!128980&authkey=!AF_EGC_vlgIs2js&ithint=file%2cahk
4. After you download taskbar.ahk, right click or open the context menu and choose “run as administrator” (this file assigns ctrl+alt+f to hide or unhide the taskbar)
5. Use TouchMe Gesture Studio to assign ctrl+alt+f to your favorite gesture (I use three finger swipe down in my video)
6. You’re all set! Now your gesture should be able to hide and unhide the taskbar.

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The device I use in my video is the Microsoft Surface 3 (128 GB model).
Here’s my Amazon link to the Surface: