What is file system ? Fat32 vs NTFS vs exFAT Big Difference ?

what is file system w, what are the types of files system , and what are the difference between fat32 and ntfs , what are the difference between ntfs and exfat , difference between fat32 and exfat , files system explain in operating system , fat32 vs ntfs vs exfat what are main difference in hidni between these three file system

article padhe : http://catchhow.com/fat32-ntfs-exfat-difference-hindi/

is video me mai aapko bataunga ki file system kya hai , computer me file system ka kya use hai , fat32 file system kya hai , ntfs file system kya hai , exfat file system kya hai , fat32 aur ntfs file system mai kya difference hai , exfat file system kya hai fat 32 ntfs aur exfat me kya difference hai , file allocation table kya hai , new technology file system kya hai , extended file system kya hai

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