The Growth of Windows 10

With Xbox games, and lots of new universal Windows apps creating great experiences across exciting innovative devices, Windows 10 continues to gain fans. Discover the many reasons people are able to do more with Windows PCs.



  • SGPlayz Gamez

    before I upgrade to Windows 10 my minecraft doesn't lagging at all but after I upgrade to Windows 10 my minecraft is very lagging and the graphics is blurry.So I decided to downgrade back to Windows 7 ,but then it is erased the entire operating system!

  • Kevin DE AWESOME

    Now I get it! Microsoft TRY to make other system looks stinks by showing how much are the people that use Windows 10.They Try to make Mac and Linux stinks!They want to make Apple bankrupt!!!!!! YOU THINK WERE STUPID!? YOU ARE STUPID Microsoft!

  • Vicente Hachtag

    I have the following problem: 0xa00F424F would be good someone help me please if I can solve this problem would be very kind of you already went to Help Windows 10 and does not give me solution

  • Technimaster

    The more I see pointless changes in Windows 10, the more I begin to lose faith in Microsoft.When Windows 7's life is over, I am going to Zorin OS.

  • Technimaster

    In case you did not notice: Here is what I (and many other people) thought of your systems in the past (and today):
    Windows 95: Revolutionary!
    Windows 98: A great update to Windows 95!
    Windows 2000: Very stable and fast!
    Windows ME: Are you seriou— Blue screen of death
    Windows XP: Wow… I have no words!
    Windows Vista: Ehh… Okay…
    Windows 7: Bloody Brilliant!
    Windows 8.1: The start button is back, BUT THE SYSTEM IS STILL S***!!!
    Windows 10: Forcing users to upgrade?! And the system wastes so much RAM just because of their fancy features and buggy and untested services?! (Like Cortana not closing after reminding you to go to work!) THIS IS THE BANE OF THE EXISTENCE OF WINDOWS!!!

  • JMO100 Gaming

    Microsoft devs, I have a question that I have been asking myself and you guys, and thought that maybe asking here on your own YouTube Channel would possibly get to you guys easier, my question is will we see a Official YouTube App For Windows 10?

  • NegForMeg

    Guys please don't upgrade to Windows 10 because it spies on you and all of your information (like from closing programs to emails, files and pictures!).It's not too late to switch back to windows 8 or 7. Think about it! why would Microsoft give billions of people free windows? If you're still not convinced see some videos about Windows 10 spying on you!

  • Xavier Foisse

    Can you say me what do my pc during 2 minutes at the starting where i just see the frozen logo of my mother board, just before the starting begins really when i see during 12 seconds the animation of balls turning (12s is equal to the start of my pc under Seven) ?

  • Miza Romero

    Hello my name is Misael, just trying a wing blatant something better way but I want a Xbox One 😍 may not tickled me and I ignore but the heart ask: 3 😭😍

  • Juan Garcia

    Thanks a lot Windows 10 for f*cking up my amazing games from my dell 17 inch I had to buy another computer so I hope your burn in hell

  • Endezeichen Grimm

    Fuck win10 and GWX. I don't want your piece of shit updates you stupid cunt faced motherfuckers. Shove windows 10 up your motherfucking asses you fucking retards!

  • Eric Taylor

    Microsoft has password locked my computer not letting me access it in anyway please give me back computer or lawsuit incoming you have my contact info.

  • Anthony Cottam

    Hi, if I upgrade to windows 10 from windows 8.1 before 29th of July 2016 will it go back to Windows 8.1 or I have to pay to keep using it? please help

  • Chillness

    You guys suck bigtime. For as long as possible I was not accepting the upgrade because everything was running smoothly but then windows updated itself. Now I'm stuck with this retarded windows 10 fucking everything up. Can't open my start menu, can't click on the icons in the bar and sometimes the bar doesn't disappear and it just stays stuck until I restart my computer.
    Seriously, you guys suck bigtime. Time to save up and wave windows goodbye.

  • Michelangelo00001

    I bought Lumia 800 and after a few month it became obsolete, where is my WP10 update? =(

    The only reason why I'm forced to use Win10 is DX12. Make it open-source and I'll stuck with MacOS only…

  • Sean Parkes

    THE SCREEN THAT EVERY WINDOWS 7 USER FEARS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   THE AUTO UPDATE LOADING TO WINDOWS 10Computer: "Hello. We've updated your PC"Windows 7 Guy: "Oh no…"Computer: "All your files are exactly where you left them"
    Windows 7 guy: "There's gotta be something they ruined…"Computer: "We've got some new features to get excited about"Windows 7 Guy: "OH YEAH? LIKE YOU WRECKED MEH PC"Windows 7 Guy: ————-V——V——-Computer: "sigh"Windows 7 Guy: WTFComputer: I can see you…Earth Explodes

  • Eng.Mohamed EL Hosseini Selim

    And you have the most stupid store ever on windows and windows mobile why don't you just make it as google play store it lakes alot of apps… Why don't you just make your phones run apk … Microsoft I'm one of your fans I'm one of the first users of Lumia phones but I think I'm going to buy an android phone because I waited for 4 years to make your store as Google but u didn't I wasted my money on your phones