Scanning Your pc With Windows Defender – Remove Malware and Viruses

Optimizing Your PC for Windows 10. In this videos I will show you how to scan your pc to remove viruses, worms, and malware using Windows 10 Windows Defender.



  • pbhenry3

    windows 10 is malware in itself. heavy telemetry out of the box is one reason. sure every windows version has that and you can disable all of it through various methods but windows 10 has more than any other. Another and more serious issue I consider to be MALWARE is the automatic deletion of some programs and tools. I upgraded from it on one partition of a workstation and it wiped out several of my tools such as cain and abel, various license bypass software, some of my aquisition software and probably more I cant remember right now. If thats not the definition of malware, I dont know what is. I had no authorization before the automatic deletion of these things without my knowledge.

  • Amine Erramy

    I don't get the dislike portion of the video, I'm guessing it's because this is beginner stuff but people got to understand that even the linux stuff Millers puts seem beginner for lots of Linux veterans. Thanks for the great tutorial, as much as I already pretty much knew all the info on the video I still enjoyed it. I think you've got something in you that's great for tutorials and explaining stuff, and that's hard for someone who knows probably lots and can still go down to the beginner level and explain what matters to the beginner and the things that block his understanding the most. Keep it up!