Remove Vista Antivirus 2012 Virus Manual Removal Guide



  • Kravin Morhed

    it's progressed too far, I'm afraid I can't be saved "Application taskmgr.exe was not found" I can't open regedit, and I can't open System restore. I figured out how to get past the internet block, if i use a file insted of the app I can make it onto youtube. I fear I won't be able to stay on after I close the windows…

  • dankwun

    had to pause the video at each step and write it all down step by step.. if running the Stinger program doesn't do it(its been running for 7 hours now) then i will try this. This is the method i am trying now.. see next comment

  • dankwun

    "ok everyone i have sucessfully removed the virus what you need to do is download this program it will stap all malware and virus functions its called rkill if you cant access the computers internet use a flash drive and download from another computer once its on ur computer run it and you can access the internet and to remove the virus go on google and search stinger download its a free macafe progrom and it will find and remove the virus i hope this helps all of you good luck" – cody gerarden

  • dankwun

    if u pause the video at each step and write down what he does you can follow these directions.. im trying a different method right now. Google stinger download and download that program on another computer, put it on a flash drive and install it on the infected computer. I have been running the program for seven hours now and it removed a few trojans and viruses and it seems to have fix the "vista 2012 antivirus" virus/scam". if that doesnt work then i will try this method here.other method ^^^

  • dankwun

    i didnt have any luck with RKill so i went with Stinger and think it has solved my problem.. i can get on the internet now and dont have any 3 letter processes running in my task manager. i will get back to you guys when it is finished running and i restart my computer. but i have noticed that i cannot open mozilla(just internet explorer) and my itunes will not open, it asks me what program do i want to use to open mozilla or itunes..=

  • Dylan

    for anyone still having this issue, there is a free service called comodo, it can block and remove it for you, I just paid $100 to have my machine cleaned up after this shit came through and they through it on here. Two days later I get the stupid shit AGAIN as a wmd.exe or something weird, it isolated it for me and all I had to do was click terminate and block and I was good to go again

  • MLGStunTzu

    I just go the virus and after much hassle, there is a much easier way. Follow these steps and the problem will be solved. 1. Shut down your computer 2. When you turn your computer back on start tapping the F8 button so the advanced boot options will appear. 3. One of the options should be something like system maintenance or something like that. 4. After you select that, one of the options is System Restore. Select system restore and restore from a point prior to getting the virus.

  • MLGStunTzu

    @Anthonyk312 It will block system restore if you just try to go to the start menu and do a system restore. However, If you do step 2 correctly, you can do a system restore before even turning on your system, and therefore the virus cannot block it.

  • Jaron Ge

    Very pissed because after I used MalWarebytes to remove this thing, i restart my comp. Then i realize that the virus is still there, and i cant open any programs because it says to choose a program to open it with. for everything. Nothing works in Safe Mode too now. I cant even restore it to an earlier date.