MEMZ Trojan on a Windows 95 pc? (Nyan Cat only)

The MEMZ Trojan horse was created by Leurak for the “Viewer-Made Malware” video series by danooct1.
Leurak’s channel, which includes various demos of his trojan:
danooct1’s demo video:

MEMZ only runs on Windows XP or newer, but the deadliest payload, which is only 4 KB, can run off a floppy disk on pretty much any x86-compatible pc!

I got the disk image with the Nyan Cat from Leurak’s “corruption pack”, which you can download from here:
The disk image won’t affect your hard drive. You can run it on a virtual machine or write it to a floppy disk. I don’t know if you can burn it to a CD/DVD, I haven’t tried it.

You can write that IMG file to a USB drive using Win32DiskImager or dd, but it will wipe out the entire partition table (like the full MEMZ Trojan). If you simply create a new partition using a disk management utility to make it usable to store files again, and then you try booting from that USB drive, the Nyan Cat will still show up. You have to use a tool like GParted on Linux to create a new partition table and re-format the drive to fully remove it.

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