Memz Destructive Version VS 000.exe – PC DESTROYED – OscarBlue

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Today i am going to test to virusses called memz virus or “memz destructive” And the other virus called 000.exe. 000.exe is a vare scary virus. The 000.exe virus is created by a channel called “FlyTech Videos”. Memz virus is created by a youtube channel called Leurak. I think FlyTech Videos is an awsome channel i really like the 000.exe virus. 000.exe is good to prank your freinds. Leurak is a good youtube aswell. But do not run memez on your own pc beacuse it will get trasthed. Memz descripton:
MEMZ is a trojan for Microsoft Windows. It was originally created for danooct1’s “Viewer-Made Malware” series. This trojan has quite a few payloads, which all automatically activate after each other, with some delay.It is available as a .exe file and a batch version. The batch version works like a self-extracting archive, which just extracts and runs the .exe out of itself. It can be run by clicking on it.
On newer versions of MEMZ, it gives a warning to the user not to run it on a physical machine as it will damage it and advises the user to run on a virtual machine.
If the user clicks OK to the two warning messages, MEMZ will run. When MEMZ is run, it will leave a note for you telling the user that they will not be able to use the computer anymore after rebooting it