Lenovo Yoga Book | extended walkthrough & first impressions

In this quite long video I wanted to share my early first impressions about the Lenovo Yoga Book and also walk you through the way how the Halo keyboard and very unique stylus works

Yoga Book Android Wifi: https://goo.gl/Bf4DYM
Yoga Book Android LTE: https://goo.gl/aY1TMP
Yoga Book Windows 10 Pro Wifi: https://goo.gl/SpLBhu
Yoga Book Windows 10 Pro LTE: https://goo.gl/qFpuhg

Note: it does indeed have an SD card slot which I simply didn’t see yet

01:02 Box content
01:30 Design
03:02 Display
04:09 Sound
04:52 Performance
06:20 Halo Keyboard
11:00 Stylus
22:18 Summery

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