LattePanda Review – Single Board Windows 10 PC with Arduino – Similar to Raspberry Pi

The LattePanda is like a Raspberry Pi but runs Windows 10 and comes equipped with an Intel Atom Cherry Trail Processor. The $90 computer also comes with an Arduino microcontroller built in. Subscribe for more!

01:02 – Hardware overview
04:55 – Connection and boot time to Windows 10
06:07 – internet browsing / YouTube / Streaming demo and performance
08:20 – Microsoft Office and Word
08:41- Gaming and Minecraft
10:02 – Steam In Home Streaming
10:47 – Kodi and High bit rate Blu-Ray MKV playback
11:29 – BIOS settings
12:05 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This is a very interesting computer that might have been more interesting had it come out before the $99 Kangaroo mini PC did (see my Kangaroo videos at ). At $89 it’s still a great deal for a Windows PC but for $10 more the Kangaroo performs better and is a better general consumer PC.

But if you’re a maker this might be the holy grail – a powerful quad core Atom chip running Windows 10 (fully licensed and activated) paired with an onboard Arduino microcontroller. I think it will be very popular among the maker crowd and perhaps even more so if it’s offered with an OS-less version.

It performs a little slower than the Intel Compute Stick running with the same processor. It might have something to do with the fact that the Panda runs only on 2 amps of USB voltage vs. 3 on the Intel stick.

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LattePanda homepage is here:

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