KODI TUTORIALS: Re-Install KODI 16 Jarvis On Old Android Kitkat TV Box’s

This is the first of a short series on all things KODI. All those with older device running android kitkat will find it impossible to install the latest kodi as well as not being able to re-install kodi 16 from the playstore. This tutorial, will show you how to install older version of kodi onto your older android kitkat device.

This tutorial will cover you for both with and without a computer, the process it simple and should not take any longer than a few minutes to complete.

Since the release of kodi 17, the kodi team have decided to drop support for kitkat device’s. We have a seen a port of kodi 17 to kitkat device by Mygica, but nothing else since the initial port of kodi 17.1.

Jarvis is a perfectly usable media player and to go to the expense of purchasing a new android tv box to run kodi 17 is a little pointless, at the moment anyway.

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