HP $199 – 14-an013nr vs. HP Stream 14 – Is it the best value Windows laptop?

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/vlx9w (affiliate link) – This $199 HP laptop has no name but is a better deal than the HP Stream 11/14 thanks to its 1080p IPS display. See more laptops: http://lon.tv/laptops and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s index below

00:54 – Hardware overview
01:10 – Upgrade RAM and hard drive
01:36 – Not fanless
01:53 – Ports
02:22 – Removable battery and battery life
02:48 – SD card slot
03:03 – Keyboard and trackpad
03:37 – Performance: internet browsing
05:23 – Microsoft Word and Office
05:51 – Gaming: Minecraft
06:38 – Gaming: Counterstrike: GO
07:18 – Gaming: 3DMark Benchmark test
07:53 – Kodi / h.265 / hevc / blu ray MKV
08:37 – Weak speaker
08:49 – conclusion and final thoughts

See my most recent HP Stream review as a comparative:

HP doesn’t really market this laptop (in fact it even lacks a name) but it’s a better value than their HP Stream 11 and 14 line of laptops that sell for $199 and $229 respectively.

What makes this one a better buy is that it has a really nice 1080p 14″ IPS display – something I haven’t seen on a $200 Windows laptop before. The nicer display comes at the cost of battery life, with the removable battery pack delivering just 4 or 5 hours of usage tops.

The machine is powered by an AMD E2-7110 APU (quad core) along with 4 GB of RAM and 32GB EMMC storage. Another advantage here over the Stream is that it is upgradeable to 8 GB of RAM and possibly a SATA hard drive (see more at the Amazon link for what other users are doing to upgrade their laptops).

If you can live with the battery life this is a better buy over the Stream with comparable performance. The display and upgradeability are key selling points.

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