How to remove FlashMall virus from Mac Safari (Ads by Flash Mall removal guide)

How do I delete annoying FlashMall on Mac? How do i remove flash mall from my pc? Can’t get rid of FlashMall?
How to get rid of FlashMall popup ads from Safari?

FlashMall Ad-injection is advertising-supported software that can come from third-party download sites. Software that you download from such sites may have been customized to install both the software you want and the ad-injection software.
Recently FlashMall/Flash Mall malware scares have cropped up that have affected a significant number of Mac OX systems,Safari,Chrome.

“I recently started getting these FlashMall ads pop up or scroll across the bottom right corner and top part of the Safari internet page, how do I get rid of this?”
“Everytime I open up a internet site, “FlashMall” appears at the top and bottom of screen. I can click on the “X” but it comes back. I have no idea how it got there but it is annoying. I would appreciate any help.”

The “Ads by FlashMall”adware on Mac is a collection of related adware programs with widely varying names.

FlashMall virus removal guide on Mac safari:

Remove unwanted adware that displays pop-up ads and graphics on your Mac

Check Safari settings and extensions
Go to Safari – Preferences, then follow these steps:
Click the General icon and make sure that the Homepage field contains the website you want.
Click the Search icon and make sure that the search engine setting shows your preferred search engine. Some versions of Safari have this setting in the General pane instead.
Click the Extensions icon. If you don’t want an extension or don’t know what it does, select the extension from the list and click Uninstall.

Or follow the FlashMall removal video remove all associated/suspicious Files.

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