How to remove Dirtydecrypt.exe /”File is encrypted” virus

When you open multi-media files like music and videos, Windows says that file is corrupt. Opening documents and spreadsheet reveals that DirtyDecrypt.exe virus is inside my computer. It shows this message:

File is encrypted
“This file can be decrypted using the program DirtyDecrypt.exe
Press CTRL+ALT+D to run DirtyDecrypt.exe
If DirtyDecrypt.exe not opened ?heck the paths:
C:Program FilesDirtyDirtyDecrypt.exe
C:Program Files (x86)DirtyDirtyDecrypt.exe
C:Documents and SettingsPeteApplication DataDirtyDirtyDecrypt.exe
C:Documents and SettingsPeteLocal SettingsApplication DataDirtyDirtyDecrypt.exe”

Trying to recover corrupted data can only be possible if I pay for the code or licensed.

Terrible to Get DirtyDecrypt.exe

Getting infected with DirtyDecrypt.exe, you no longer own the machine though you get prompt messages to ask you if you would run/allow it or not. If you don’t run anything, you get zero progress, but if you run it, you become the accomplice to help DirtyDecrypt.exe get more evil work done to further damage your own precious machine:

Installed security utility is strangely not working though it helps to detect DirtyDecrypt.exe;
DirtyDecrypt.exe encrypts more files and folders day by day if it is not being stopped;
DirtyDecrypt.exe manages to load in Rookit to further contaminate remaining part;
Attempts to access photo/ PDF and even a word or excel would bring up ‘file is corrupt’ message or the note to tell you to check its paths;

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