How to Remove a Police/ FBI Warning Virus of your pc

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Hey You Tubers, Today I’m Showing you How to Remove a Police/ FBI Warning Virus of your pc

Before i Start, This Video is for Educational Purposes Only.

It can be very Frustrating if you have done nothing to your pc, but you Turn your pc on Saying that you have been Watching X rated Content, or Perhaps yyour pc is ‘Locked’ and it demands you to pay a £100 ‘Release Fee’. Don’t worry if you get this, you are Not Alone. These are becoming a Very Common Thing at the Moment. The Proper Police are aware of this Crime, but they Stress No One to Pay Anything.

Anyway I will give you a Quick Guide in What you can Try and do to Remove it. If you come across this Nasty Virus, Simply reset your Windows pc and Press F8 and Hopefully you will see Options to go in to Safe Mode. You need to go to the Safe Mode with Command Prompt. When Command Promt Appears, you then Need to Type “rstui.exe” (Excluding “). you can Then Choose a ‘Restore Point’ at a earlier Time BEFORE This Virus Attacked your pc. Select a point and Press Next and then Do what it says afterwards.

Please Note: Sometimes a System resotre might not work. But Don’t worry here is another Option. Go to this link and Download Anti- Malware. Follow what it says and Then Try it out. You might need to go on to Safe Mode for this.

I Will be putting More Information on My Website Sometime This Week.

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Thank you for watching my video