How to Remove a PC Virus with the FixMeStick

Do you have virus on your PC that you can’t get rid of? Mike Agerbo uses the FixMeStick to stick it to a pesky PC virus that won’t go away.

Even when you have anti-virus software on your device, things can slip through the cracks. The FixMeStick is a USB that rids your computer of nasty viruses and malware. Simply plug it in and let it run. Since it’s an external USB, there’s no chance the virus can make its way onto the FixMeStick.

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  • Zaziki Komo

    Or you can just carry the malwarebyte's installer in your flash drive and not spend any money and do a better job and give them the ability to protect their computers on their own afterward. But I guess technicians would like to be able to be paid to come in every few months and plug in the magic virus vacuum, right?

  • Joe Achtemichuk

    I ran the "Fix Me Stick" on my computer every way possible. It ran for 4 hours, 17 hours, 27 hours and a couple of time before 5 hours before I stopped it.

    Customer Service took about a week to get back to me the first time. They sent me one message and closed my file as solved, without even waiting for me to respond.

    I ran the "Fix Me Stick one last time. It said setting up, and rebooting the computer again. It took down my computer and now my computer will no longer boot up. It just clicks every time you go to power it up.

    I had to go out and spent over $1,000.00 for a new computer and I am now left more concern with data recovery on my old computer.

    Their costumer service says 8 hours, but it is a at least a week before anyone will email you. I am still waiting for a second response from them.

    The idea of this product is great, does it work…. In my case, it was a computer killer and I am just a little choked with them and feel ripped off. Who can afford to buy a new computer everyday.