How to Remove A Patching Virus Like “Virut Or Sality” by Britec

How to Remove A Patching Virus Like Virut Or Sality

Need bootable rescue cd iso, or more info on virut or sality removal? or maybe TDSS trojans, malware etc. Then head over to our forum on the like below.



  • matt stacey

    macs should have anti virus too, because they aren't actually immune. you will see the mac fansites claiming macs "R TEH SH1T DUUDE" and that "PC's SCK MY D1CKZ0RZ" but the truth is they really aren't immune.

  • GabyBGS

    A computer infected with VIRUT OR SALITY is 100% compromised no antivirus in this world will remove it simply because (i did the test myself) it will infect EVERY executable on windows including system files in fact every .scr .exe .htm . rar etc and those executable cannot be cured or healed. and i don't see any variants of Sality or Virut on the scans you make so cut the crap man:|

  • Britec09

    @GabyBGS mate you must be a noob, I remove VIRUT OR SALITY all the time, maybe you dont know what your doing… your best to leave it to people that do know.
    Now go and upload some of your own video before flaming me..or my channel.

  • bax1231

    I have a friends computer that im trying to get Virut off of it and for some reason every time I try to boot up from CD drive with multiple rescue CDs I downloaded from your link in the info box it would just skip over it and boot from the HDD (this computer has a vista OS) I also tried the disc in another computer of mines which is uninfected to see if I didnt write it properly (XP Pro OS) and it booted fine, if you have any suggestions for me or recommend anything please comment me back

  • Rudolf Hansen

    fake antivirus simply removed by system restore, if you start immediatly after fake install–
    other installations of sality with avira rescue system– you have to backup your files on a stick before!!!!
    rescue or livecds are helpfull– for installations with 2 or more partitions you have to hide the inactive partitions and clean separately- hide unhide the partitions which have to be cleaned — backup your file you need ever on a stick–
    if infection is coming from usb clean it first

  • Laurence Catala

    @Britec09 man.. i ditected my system with the sality virus and i try to clean it by my antivir software but it get worse, i found my monitor (laptop) been affected, it has a blurred resolution and i barely cant see the text on my monitor.. plsss help me to fix it!!

  • Mark Yates

    @GabyBGS I know your comment is dated very much so but I just wanted to tell you that if it can be removed this guy can do it. I believe any virus on the planet is removable so I would say britec09 can be trusted in this manner.

  • Vhan Andrew

    Vipre Antivirus was detect a malware named Win.32 Sality.aa and i copy its malicious code and paste it on NOTEPAD and save in Test.exe when i open Test.exe my pc was fastly infect my all executable files even my documents i cant access in cmd and control panel.

  • Lulu4Him

    I'm getting a verbal warning telling me to call a # and they will help me get rid of the virus; w32.vrut. It tells me I have to do it asap because after an hour my computer will be damaged. Is this for real? Or is this a scam?