How to Make Windows 10 Stop Watching You

Hello everybody! In this video I will tell how to make Windows 10 stop watching you.

With development of information technologies, the issue of privacy and private information becomes very important. Personal data includes any information which identifies, or can be used to identify a person. It can be done directly or indirectly through a number of factors inherent to their physical, economic, cultural and social identity. Therefore, it involves any information concerning a person: name, phone number, race, numbers of social and bank cards etc.

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So how can you keep your private information secure in Windows 10?

Step one

Go to the Start menu / Settings / Privacy

In the General tab disable the following:
– Let apps use my advertising ID for experience across apps;
– Turn on SmartScreen Filter to check internet content;
– Send Microsoft info about how I write;
– Let websites provide locally relevant content by accessing my language list;
To do it, click on the switch and change its position from “On” to “Off.”

In the Location tab disable the following:
– Location service.
If there are any applications for which you want to allow access to determine your location, then let this item be enabled, and in the list below, disable the applications which you do not want to do it; this way, the location data is available to the necessary apps only.

In the tab “Camera” you can also disable everything or select from the list the applications which you don’t want to access the camera.
The same can be done in the Microphone tab.
Note. Don’t hurry to disable everything in these tabs, you may be using some of the applications that need access to camera and microphone for their work.

In the tab “Account info” disable the opportunity for applications to get access to your name, avatar and other account information.

The same should be done in the tabs “Contacts,” “Calendar,” “Call History,” “Email,” “Messaging,” “Radios,” “Other Devices,” or leave access optionally for some applications only, as in the previous tabs.

Remember that keeping your private information secure will help it remain confidential. It is better to block all possible ways of hacker attacks now, than regret your absent-mindedness later. Well, we don’t insist on someone making use of it for sure, but it’s better to be on the safe side.

In the tab “Feedback and Diagnostics” in the section “Windows should ask for my feedback” select “Never,” and in the section “Diagnostic and usage data” select “Basic.”

In the last tab, “Background apps,” disable the ones you are not using – it will also help to reduce energy consumption and workload of your PC.

Step two

For this step, we will use the utility Spybot Anti-Beacon. You will find the download link in the description of this video.

Spybot Anti-Beacon

First of all, download and install the program. After it starts, you can see in the tab “Protection” that there is no protection enabled; click on “Immunize”, then go to the tab “Options” and switch on protection for all items on the list by clicking “apply”.
Ready. Now Windows 10 has a very limited access to your personal information.

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