How to Fix X3DAudio1_7.dll Missing Error | Windows

**** X3DAudio1_7.dll Download Link ****

Have you not been able to play a game or use a Program because of the “The program can´t start because X3DAudio1_7.dll is missing from your pc” Error message?

Then watch this Video and learn in less then 2 minutes how to iron out that error and keep doing whatever you were trying to do.

**** Steps ****

** 32B-Bit Windows **
-Download 32-Bit File from:

-Paste the X3DAudio1_7.dll File into the Folder: C:/Windows/System32

** 64-Bit Windows **
-Download 64-Bit File from:

-Paste the X3DAudio1_7.dll (64 Bit) into: C:/Windows/System32
-Paste the X3DAudio1_7.dll (64 Bit) into: C:/Windows/SYSWOW64

** You´re done **

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** Script **

Hello and Welcome to a Tutorial about fixing the Error: “The program can´t start because “X3daudio1_7.dll” is missing from your pc”.

So I am using here a Windows 10 Machine but you can use this guide also for Windows 7 and 8.
So, the X3daudio1_7 is needed for various Games and programs.And if it´s missing, you have to download it and place it into the right folder in order to get rid of the error.
Okay, so first open a browser and go on the Website with the X3daudio1_7.dll file.
The exact Link and each step will be in the description below.
So now just scroll a bit down and , click on the orange “Get the Zip-File” text.

Now a List will open in which you have to choose wether you´re using a 64 or 32 bit windows and If you don’t know which one you are using, check this out.
Anyway, now where you know it, choose the latest version according to your System, and because i´m using 64 Bit, i am choosing this one up here saying 64-Bit and clicking on download.
Once downloaded, open the zip file and copy the file X3daudio1_7.dll
Now open Hard Drives, go into your C Drive and then into the Windows Folder.
In here scroll a bit down to the folder System32 and enter it.
Now just Paste the file right into this folder.
If you have a 64 Bit windows, go one folder back scroll a bit down and enter the SYSWOW64 Folder and also paste the same file in here.
Once that´s done you can restart your PC and the error should not appear anymore.

And this was everything about the X3daudio1_7.dll missing error,
I thank you for watching and hope that you found a good solution.
Maybe you also have one of the following errors so make sure to check them out.
As always please leave your opinion and a subscription and don´t forget to never pay for something that you can do yourself.