How to fix Windows 8 “Windows encountered a issue installing driver software…” issue

So I was trying to install my xbox kinect with mmd this weekend and I kept encountering this issue. It took me hours to find the solution so I thought I would post it to make it easier for others. I am sorry If it is confusing I have never done a tutorial before… but the solution really does work!

Step 1: “settings”
Step 2: “change pc settings”
Step 3: “general”
Step 4: “Restart now” under “Advanced startup”
Step 5: “Troubleshoot”
Step 6: “Advanced options”
Step 7: “Startup options”
Step 8: Select the one that corresponds with something to do with “Enable Unsigned Driver install” (I think its number 7)
Step 9: Wait to computer to reboot and install driver!