How To Fix Missing Sound Enhancements Tab In Windows 10

This tutorial shows you how to fix windows 10 missing Microphone and Sound enhancements tab. If enhancements tab has disappeared in your Windows 10 then watch this tutorial.

This is the video transcription:

Hi everybody welcome to Ehowtomake channel
in this quick tutorial I’m gonna be showing

you how to get the enhancements tab in your
windows 10 so you know the default sound card

driver that comes with windows 10 doesn’t
have this feature so once you upgrade to windows

10 you should upgrade your sound card driver
and then you’re gonna be able to see this

option in your recording devices so what you
need to do is going to your internet browser

and type as you can see here
this is the link of the website where we’re

going to get the update driver so you wanna
go ahead and click on Downloads Click on high

definition audio codecs here click on i accept
the above here exactly and click next now

you wanna make sure which windows version
do you have if you have the windows 32 bits

you wanna go ahead and click here if you have
windows 10 or whatever windows version because

this actually works for windows 7 and 8 and
windows 10 so if you have the windows as i

said 32 bits you wanna go ahead and click
here if you have the version 646 bits you

wanna go ahead an click here in my case i
have 64 bits I’m gonna go and click here once

you do you wanna go and save the file in your
desktop or any place that you want and then

hit save button here and the driver is downloading
as you can see here alright once you download

the driver you wanna go ahead and double click
on it now you wanna go ahead and click next

next until you install the driver then you’ll
be required to restart your pc so just

restart your pc and I’m not gonna install
this by the way because I already did it so

I’m gonna click cancel click finish and this
is it so once you install the driver and restart

your pc you’re no gonna see any difference
but if you go back to your recording devices

and double click on your Microphone you’re
gonna see the enhancements tab here as you

can see so that’s it hope you find this video
useful and if you still have any question

feel free to put them exactly on the comment
section below of this video and if you find

this video useful don’t forget to hit that
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for more upcoming tutorials Thank you for
watching and see you on the next videos


By default windows 10 comes with the generic audio driver which is most of the time doesn’t have the enhancements option on it.

So the solution is very simply. All you need to do is download the realtek audio codec and install it on your windows 10 pc. Once you do you’ll be able then to see the enhancements option there.