How to fix a Rubik’s Cube

In this video I show how to fix a Rubik’s Cube with a 7 step layer by layer beginner method, that will give you a good foundation for learning a speed method in the future. All cases are covered and timestamps and Algorithms are below!

Step 3: To the Right: (U R U’ R’) (U’ F’ U F)
Step 3: To the Left: (U’ L’ U L) (U F U’ F’)
Step 4: Easy Algorithm: (F R U) (R’ U’ F’)
Step 5: Corner Twist: R’ U2 R U R’ U R
Step 6: Corner Swap: R’ F R’ B2 R F’ R’ B2 R2
Step 7: Edge Cycle: (R U’)(R U)(R U)(R U’) R’ U’ R2

Time stamps:
Step 1a: Prepare Cross 2:57
Case 1: Red facing you on side: 4:22
Case 2: Red facing down: 4:50
Case 3: Red facing you on top: 5:16
Case 4: Red facing you on bottom: 5:38
Step 1b: Finish Cross 6:14
Step 2: Corners 8:02
Case 1: Red facing you on left: 8:37
Case 2: Red facing up: 10:01
Case 3: Red facing you on right: 11:11
Case 4: Red in bottom layer: 11:52
Step 3: Middle Layer Edges: 12:56
Case 1: To the Right: 13:52
Case 2: No edge in top layer: 14:35
Case 3: To the Left: 15:45
Step 4: Orient Last Layer (LL) Edges 16:48
Case 1: Target 17:41
Case 2: No edges up: 17:58
Case 3: Two edges up adjacent: 18:17
Step 5: Orient Last Layer (LL) Corners: 19:00
Step 6: Permute LL Corners: 21:34
Case 1: Headlights 22:05
Case 2: No Headlights 22:44
Step 7: Permute LL Edges 23:44
Case 1: Target One edge done: 23:57
Case 2: Not Target 22:50

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