How to Clean Install Windows 10 Creators Update On a Mac

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How to Clean install Windows 10 Creators Update on a Mac
Install Windows 10 on a Mac without BootCamp Assistant.

In this video I’m going to show you
how to do a clean installation of Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703)Build 15063.
on any Mac.

Apple has made it easier to install the Windows 10 Creators Update, with the MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 Update.

The issue looks like it lays with installing Windows 10
on an Hybrid MBR partition table scheme, that Apple’s BootCamp Assistant creates, and
Disk Utility creates when Partitioning the Disk.
Rather on an (MBR Protective) GPT Pure Partition Table Scheme.

Windows 10 ISO (Official):



BootCamp Assistant Drivers: (we will only need it for the Drivers)
1. Start Boot Camp Assistant
2. Select Action / Download Windows Support Software
3. Choose your Downloads directory, enter your password and then click Save.

The benefits of Installing Windows In UEFI :
• Faster boot
• The possibility to install Windows on a non typical partition map (2 hard drives, more than 2 partitions on one hard drive…)
• a better interaction between hardware and drivers
What you’ll need :
• a 8 GB USB Key for the installation files of Windows
• the Windows 10 ISO file
• another PC to use Rufus (perhaps a Mac alternative exists)
• a Mac capable of starting Windows in UEFI
• a disk where you didn’t install Windows using Bootcamp. If this is the case, use bootcamp assistant to uninstall it.
How to do :
• Using Rufus, transfer the ISO Windows installation files into a USB Key, using the GPT only as partition scheme and NTFS as format (choose the options after having selected the ISO file).
• Try to boot your Mac with this USB Key using alt. You should see an EFI option. If the Windows installation starts, you’re in luck and can switch off the Mac and continue this tutorial
• With Disk Utility, create the partition where you will install Windows. Format it as HFS+ to be sure the BIOS emulation won’t be installed.
• Restart your Mac using the USB Key in EFI mode.
• Choose the custom installation type (not the upgrade)
• when on the partition tool, select the partition you created with Disk Utility, erase, create a new one, format as NTFS, and start the installation on it. It will create the system partition in addition to the main partition.
• Have a cup of coffee, but don’t go too far away because Windows will restart 2 times where you’ll need to hold the alt key to choose the Windows volume.


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