How To Change Hard Drive Letter | Windows 10

In this tutorial you will learn how to how to change hard drive letter in windows 10 as the same method works for windows 7 and 8. This will help you change your hard drive letter assignments.


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Hi everybody welcome to Ehowtomake channel.

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In this quick tutorial I’m gonna be showing
you how to change your hard drive letter to

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any other letter that you want.

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So as you can see here I have C drive and
I have E drive I have other computers Which

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has the D driver and I’m always used to see
D drive instead of E drive so it doesn’t matter

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if you have another letter such as this one
F or you have H or any other letter and you

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want to change it to another one It’s very
easy here’s how you can do this.

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You can simply go to window search icon here
I’m on windows 10 by the way This also works

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for windows 7 and windows 8 and it also works
for windows xp alright.

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If you have windows 7 you wanna go ahaead
to start menu and the search box should be

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in somewhere here.

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You wanna go ahead and type what I’m going
to type here right now.

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Also on windows 8 you probably have the search
bar when you click on the right side of your

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screen right.

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So I’m gonna type Disk management.

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So once you click on your windows search icon
and type disk management you are going to

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get something says Create And Format Hard
Disk Partitions.

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Click on it you will get this window and it
shows you the hard drive that you have.

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This is my C drive this is my E drive so i
want to change this E letter to another one

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Let’s say i wanna change it to D so right
click on it and choose this option Change

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Drive Letter and click on it.

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Now you wanna go ahead and click on Change
Choose the letter that you want here on this

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list I’m gonna go for D click OK click yes
and this is it So this is the D drive as you

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can see here and you can do the same thing
with another drive that you to change the

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letter of it.

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for example you wanna change C to another
one you wanna change F or H or whatever letter

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that you have.

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So this is how to change your hard drive letter
hope you find this tutorial useful and if

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