How do I remove “Ads by DNSUnlocker” pop up virus (DNS Unlocker removal)

How to remove DNSUnlocker ads?
UnInstall DNS Unlocker step by step:
1. In order to uninstall a program, you will need to have administrator access, or know the administrator password.
2. Click on Start menu , then Control Panel.
3. Click Uninstall a Program.
4. Select DNS Unlocker version 1.3 from the list and click Uninstall button.
5. Back to Control Panel , then click View network status and tasks.
6. Click on Local Area Connection.
7. Click on Properties.
8. Click on internet Protocol Version 4 then click Properties button.
9. Choose Obtain DNS server address automatically.
10. Press OK.

Still can’t remove Ads by DNSUnlocker? Follow the video.

“Ads by DNSUnlocker” is a well-known Adware class. DNS Unlocker is a program that displays ads for sites you are visiting. This type of adware has been well documented to induce numerous pop-up windows to appear on your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft internet Explorer.

DNS Unlocker makes a consonant extension appear on the internet service enhancements list for the browsers used on a computer, and miscellaneous items saying “Ads by DNSUnlocker”, “Powered by DNS Unlocker”, “Brought to you by DNSUnlocker”, “Ads by DNS Unlocker”, literally deluge every single page accessed via these browsers.

How to get rid of “Ads by DNSUnlocker”?
DNS Unlocker is an program that is commonly bundled with other free programs that you download off of the internet, you should always pay attention when installing software.



  • Leglos “Legolas Greenleaf”

    I use Google Chrome and I tried to install EmsisoftEmergencyKit, AdwCleaner, and Malwarebytes to get rid of DNSUnlocker but it won't install! I check the Downloads page and the titles of the programs are in red and it says "*Security settings on your computer blocked this file.*" beside it. What do I do? I tried googling stuff but nothing is helping! I'm so lost!

  • Dawid googel

    I GOT IT! I've been fighting with this shit and I won.

    1. First download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software. Then CCleaner.

    2. Launch both. Do first full scan with Anti-Malware and wait till it's done.
    Then run CCleaner and in "cleaner" tab run analysis (before that, on the left bar do some clicks – add all from IE, all from Windows Explorer, all from Windows except 3 last ones, in advanced first two. Then click on "programs" on the left bar and mark absolutely everything (you will delete some things, but it won't destroy your PC) – now you can click "Analysis". Wait.

    3. Do second scan with Anti-Malware (it will find some more shit).
    PS – go to tab "History" and check if this PUP stuff had anything in common with your browser, if yes, do what I write later.
    PSS – better delete these PUP files for good by clicking "delete all"

    4. After that you can run cleaner and delete marked stuff.


    Open My Computer (first in settings launch visibility of hidden folders) and go C -> users -> You -> App Data -> Roaming.

    Find folder with your current browser (I use Opera) and find "Local Storage" folder. Run it and delete everything in there. If you have multiple browser, do it with all of them.

    That's it! It's really easy. Just follow my guide and forgive me my english.
    Hope it works for you too.
    Share your thoughts.

  • Diart Sadriu

    guys for me i removed from control panes unistall a program it was there but still worked in my chrome and then i go to setting and reset chrome and its not showing , but if it doesnt work go to chrome apps and install ad blocker that would work
    hope you guys get rid from this shiit <3


    i'm teenager and i am specialized to remove viruses. I removed happy2save, random app and those bull****s, but dns unlocker was still there. What do you mean reset your options?

  • Minax

    i have discovered that the only official way to get rid of this garbage is to fucking throw your pc out of a window and commit fucking suicide

  • Daniel Price

    i'm sorry to those who weren't able to remove it following these steps, i know viruses can attach differently depending on operating system and how you got them, but just wanted to let people know that this is not a fake video, totally worked for me! thanks uploader!

  • le outcast

    it's not an extension on google chrome for me. i deleted the unlocker 1.4 in my control panel, it still isnt working. i've tried reseting the comp. to a restore point, and it came back and hour later. what do. ._.

  • The Loopy Gamer



    So i had this virus and after months of testing ive found a way,

    step 1. open your command prompt and first type: ipconfig /flushdns then hit enter

    step 2. then type ipconfig /release and hit enter

    step 3. finally type ipconfig /renew and hit that mighty enter key

    Now your IP address has been reset and is free from DNS unlocker 😀
    No more ads, No more slow web browsers, no more god damn spam on websites 😀

    Enjoy your day :D

  • Prawdusa

    Guys, do all the things in this video then download a program called malwarebytes and do a full scan. This should remove it. Don't quote me on it tho lol, it worked for me…

  • XistentialFocalPoint

    Haven't seen anything this tough in years. My clients DNS unlocker version originally changed DNS settings but after I removed it, it keeps coming back after a few days or more (DNS settings have not changed since 1st time I reset them). Then all the bad programs are gone from control panel (programs uninstall) & executables, ad-ons etc. are gone (re-morphed but hidden)…but same problems are back. Malwarebytes  removes it when the DSN unlocker program eventually returns but then when virus symptoms are still obvious a 2nd  malwarebytes run shows clean. I've research & tryied everything I & my associates know & ALL internet suggestions but the repairs JUST DON'T STICK

    I've gave my client a nice loaner & I may buy another HD for him so I can keep his HD (I have extra PC's exact same model & I gotta reload OS anyway) so I can keep his system…because I just can't let it go. I uninstalled I.E. 10 down to IE 9 & now the PC won't reload IE 10 or do updates AND now the Windows  activation (system info) indicates 'status not available' & Product ID: not available AND I'm getting a constant 'Windows is not genuine message so…I've got plenty to do. I have to just look at this as 1 hell of a challenge

  • Moses Peteru

    here's an easy fix for this nasty virus SYSTEM RESTORE it worked on mine ps if you can remember the program that came with it and you know what it is, try restoring it beforehand hope this helps

  • Kellay

    I removed it, and changed it, it dissapeared from google, but every page stil has pop ups (that are getting blocked) including Facebook, I assume it's still there. But where.

  • Tyler Stockdale

    It is the oddest thing! I had the most difficult time trying to get rid of this program. First I tried uninstalling it through the windows explorer and then command prompt, but both to no avail.It had an odd message that said something like "Runtime error. Couldn't import dll C:Program Files (x86)/DNS Unlocker/"I then tried opening the file location where DNS Unlocker is located and permanently deleted all of the files. Since then, I haven't gotten any ads on IE or anywhere! It was the simplest thing and I feel dumb!I opened the control panel to try uninstalling it. When I clicked on it and it said there was no program to uninstall.It asked if I wanted to remove it from the Programs and Features list, so I clicked yes and it worked for me!  For those who aren't aware, there are a few different ways you can permanently delete files. I usually just use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + Shift + Delete. You can also right click on your recycle bin, go to properties, and set it to permanently delete files that are removed, or simply select the file (or highlighted files), right click on them, hold shift and click on 'Delete' simultaneously.

  • Michael McCall Walsh

    Try this. I found it on

    I am just copying some other person's solution which worked for me.
    After investigating, I found out that the damn "DNS Unlocker" had modified my DNS settings! After fixing this I was completely good! I have google chrome, so I am unsure if this fix persist to other browsers.
    The path to do this follows:
    Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > Right-click your active internet connection (usually Wi-Fi since everyone uses that, unless your using a desktop) and click properties > Now under the Networking tab, scroll down until you find Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Highlight that then click on properties > Both options in this windows should be automatic! The first option should be set to "Obtain an IP address automatically" and the second should be set to "Obtain DNS server address automatically!" If your computer belongs to a company or you actually have a custom DNS then this would not apply to you. Once you are finish, click "OK" and close the windows > Now go back into Chrome and reset your settings one more time and boom! It should work just fine.

  • FHNeditsHD

    whoever made this bullshit virus deserves the most painful death in human history. he/she should seriously be treated worse than how the black people got treated by kkk

  • Poppy M

    Followed these steps in IE, DNS is not in the list. And resetting IE and my DNS (in command prompt) didn't work either. And it doesn't show itself anywhere in Program Files. Now what???