Fixing Error 0x80070643 in KB3122947 in Windows 10

If when running Windows Update on Windows 10, you get KB3122947 and it returns the Error 0x80070643 after downloading, there’s good news. The update actually downloaded, it just won’t install! Typical Microsoft junior employee fuck up.
However, there’s an easy solution as described underneath:
Open a Command Prompt with elevated privileges. Find the file with a Search in Windows and discover its location. Copy and paste y this into the Command Prompt:
dism /online /add-package /
The second solution is a little more difficult, but you can also change in / change the C: location to the location of on your system. For most people, what I copied and pasted above should be fine, but may not always be the case.
By the way,.. details on the update itselve can be found on:
Mostly, it fixes some retaining settings from previous versions of Windows 10 that aren’t correctly updated.
Have fun, working with Windows 10 version 1511 and keep your system Up-to-Date !!


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  • sigthor2015

    Thanks for the info, haven't tried it yet though. This is the message I get when trying to update:

    Definition Update for Windows Defender – KB2267602 (Definition 1.213.307.0) – Error 0x80070643

    I have Norton installed and that seems to be the problem, so I've uninstalled it and Windows Defender updates ok. But….. Defender is only a half-baked virus protection program so I've reinstalled Norton and the same problem persists. I've been in contact with Norton but they say to contact Microsoft.
    This whole thing has been a nightmare.