Fix: Remove Microsoft Security Essentials When It’s Corrupt

Fix: Remove Microsoft Security Essentials When It’s Corrupt
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When you get a fake antivirus infection, sometimes it can destroy Microsoft Security Essentials pretty badly. To the point where you can’t uninstall it from Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs. There are 2 methods in the video and a 3rd I will describe at the end also, if the first 2 don’t work.

First: download the installer for Microsoft Security Essentials and put it on your C: Drive, this makes it easier in the next step. Then open command prompt and type C:MSEInstall.exe /u be sure to include the /u at the end as it opens the installer up as an uninstaller and follow the steps.

Second: if the first doesn’t work run this batch file and restart to see if it fixes it

Third: if the first 2 fixes didn’t work you can restart the pc in safe mode and open c:program files find the Microsoft Security Client folder and rename it to something else and restart back to normal mode. Then you should be able to re-install Microsoft Security Essentials.

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