Fix all of windows update error , Windows Update stuck downloading updates in 2016

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Synthesize all the errors and how to fix windows update (happy new year for every one- hopy my video have useful to you)
The 1st:
Fix Windows Update stuck downloading updates (in windows 8, 8.1 windows 10)
Clear Windows Update Cache and Fix Windows Updates
Fix the Windows Installer Windows Updates Explorer auto crash
windows update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running



  • helios

    nice happy music. i can't read what you typed into command box. i saw it somewhere else in another video, i'll go find it. ok found it – i just did your first step in cmd, but it wont let me do it – it says – "system error 5 has occured. access is denied". now that might because i am using the local admin account the computer shop man put in this pc when i bought it. c:usersuser ?? Do i have to have a microsoft acc to do this, or should i set up a separate new local acc ?

  • helios

    sorry to bother you, i did that and then it wouldnt let me delete datastore and reporting events – saying "this action cant be completed because the folder from file is open in another program" (i dont have any other program open) and "this action can't be completed cos the file is open in application info" (?). it deleted the rest. and well after doing all other steps and restart, it didnt bring the SLS file (whatever that is for). so it only has 6 files now in folder. back to updating now, see what happens..its on 16 % now :)