Downlaod windows 8/8.1 apps or games without store/Sideloading Best Tutorial (100%working) 2015)

Hello youtube today i will be showing you how to download games/apps without
windows store in windows8/8.1.

Things Required
2.Microsoft visual studio 12(any version later than 12)(
3.internet connection.(Via ur Isp :D)
4.Little Brain.(In ur head :p)

Steps to be followed
1.Download fiddler.
2.Make sure you have net framework installed to run fiddler(google that)
3.Open fiddler-Windows8config-extempt all-save changes.
4.Now go to store and start downloading. desired game/app
5.Now you will see green download button in fiddler.
6.Just copy the url from it by pressing ctrl+u & stop download in store.
7.Download ur app/game via download manager/browser.
8.Now make sure you have visual studio installed because if not,it will give
you error.(In red colour text sayind deployment failed)
9.Now open the downloaded folder and press SHIFT+Right click on the downloaded
file and select “copy as path.”
10.Now open windows powershell and write the following command
add-appxpackage (and paste ur copied location via a right click)
eg. add-appxpackage “”
11.Wait for app/game to install and enjoy the game/app.

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