Connection Failed with error 651″ in Windows 10

About Error 651 ?
Error 651 is a common Windows 10 error. This error occurs when you try to connect using your PPPoE connections. The error code 651 occurs due to multiple reasons.

However, some of the most common error causes include:
The raspppoe.sys file saved in the wrong location
IP setting issues
Registry issues

Step 1: Run the Network Troubleshooter.
The Network troubleshooter is an automated tool which can find and automatically fix some common networking problems. Follow these steps and run the troubleshooter.

Solution 2:
Clean booting may also help you fix error 651 in Windows 10

step 3
Creating New Dial Up Connection

Sometime dial-up connection might get hanged and it will not work properly so, create new dial-up connection

1 – Reconnect Your Router or Other Connecting Device

This is the most basic troubleshooting step, One can simply iron out this error by reconnecting the internet connecting device. So if you are using router then simply turn off your router and after 5 minutes turn it on or if you are using LAN connection then unplug the wire and plug it back.

2 – Reset TCP/IP On Your PC

Resetting the windows networking stack can iron out error 651 and luckily windows 8/7/Vista comes with a built-in tool you can use to do this just follow the below steps.
Launch command prompt with administrative right.
Copy the command given below and hit enter
netsh int ip reset reset.log
Restart your pc and hopefully the issue will be solved.
Usually the 2nd method worked for me, But if it doesn’t works for you you can try other methods list below which will surely help you in solving error 651.
3 – Reinstall Network Adapter
4 – Recreating Dial Up Connection
5 – Disable IPv6 of your internet Connection
6 – Disable Auto Tuning Feature
7 – Perform Clean Boot

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