Complete Format and Re-Install of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate X64 on Dream Machine

My name is Jerry and I was a Senior Software Developer at Microsoft for 15 years working on the Windows Operating System.
My previous video asked you guys what I should re-install on the Man Cave pc since I wanted to level it and start clean and you chose Windows 7. This video is more of a vlog format of my end-to-end steps re-installing the machine. Hopefully this video will prove helpful to people that have never installed an operating system before. Please comment and like the video if you found it helpful, funny or otherwise not a complete waste of your time 🙂 This show is an independent production of Jerry Berg (aka Barnacules). Opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, friends, or any companies mentioned in the show. Email business inquiries to Help the channel by donating BitCoin to 1MfVZVMjfUUq8srg1d4RbgXR5e7JLw7R6P

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  • Squidys Noows

    have you ever installed "free" software(famouse last words) that had a bunch of free offers and zoomed past the installation without reading any thing? i sucks. snap do muvic search.condoit livid and spy ware. all on my pc from downloading winrar from a wrong place and i didnt want to fixit my self so i moddified the os my self so im running win.xp moddified. and it got rid of all the crap fast. and it does it by it self so if i download any thing it will either un check any spam ask me if i want to install crap or lock my computer and instsall it in the background. i have install dics modded foe winxp-8. hours of work

  • rogerwilco99

    I stayed to the end. Believe it or not. I'm the one who does that in my family. It can be SO boring. I've actually fallen asleep doing it before. I feel your pain, dude. I usually just drag out something to read while I'm doing that (a novel, not a magazine – which are basically just a waste of money, paper and ink).

  • Remrie Arrie (Duckshorts)

    I'll likely need to do this on my desktop as Lenovo didn't include the SSD that was suppose to come with my computer in addition to the 1TB HDD. I appreciate this. I will be doing a duel boot into Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu. I am actually enjoying Windows 8.1 a lot since I installed Classic Shell which modify's the Start and Application functions into a pre-Windows 8 format of your choice. So you can choose to use Windows 7, XP, or earlier format and regain the Start menu while still being able to easily access the Applications panel.

  • Remrie Arrie (Duckshorts)

    In the glory days of Windows ME, I remember it would take 10 hours to delete, or install, can't remember, and several hours for the opposite. On good 'ole System Max computer. I learned how to maintain and fix computers with that OS and had to reformat it dozens of times over the course of a couple of years.

  • ONC3 Reminant

    ok i need to get my windows 7 ultimate from 32 bit to 64 bit, i already checked to see if it was compatable with 64bit and it is im using a HP Pavilion g6 Intel series laptop can you show me how to change to 64bit or convert my 32bit files to 64bit

  • Integrated Pickle

    Who doesn't know how to enter a BIOS and boot from a disc? Here is a detailed tutorial.

    1. Read the words on the bootup screen before your PC boots to a current operating system.

    2. Press the key it tells you to press to enter the bios.

    3. Under "BOOT" or "BOOT Options" tell it to boot from a disc. 

    4. Make sure your computer is plugged in.

  • Jason Poe

    Hey I'm Jason, I liked this vid it was helpful to refresh my memory on a few things and entertaining not to mention I hummed the same tune today that you did in this vid if you start at 21:58 haha. If you are still help people out which I know this vid is rather old I could use you help with a few other things my gaming laptop went out hard as I was using a solid state drive 256gb years ago and one day it shut off with no warning and because it didn't shut off proper with windows it caused bad sectors in the system and crashed it all so I hate solid state drives they are a good idea but I don't think the tech is there all they are were a glorified jump drive you can drop them but like a jump drive if you unplug them with out safely removing them then you corrupt them and that's what happened to my hard drive. Anyway so my laptop has been down for years now but i had a back up to use but not to game on so I have been just console gaming until i had the money or the resources to fix it. I have a new hard drive and a better set up on this laptop but i need help with the drivers after the install because it didn't work during customer even after I clicked on the correct ones so i gave up and then for some reason i did some windows update on my other laptop and now my blue tooth doesn't seem to work anymore don't know how its related but it doesn't work and i need help trying to fix it I went to best buy and they were like geek tie we want money money money before we will help you. Fucking money grubbing bastards… also I have an external enclosure portable blu ray/dvd/RW/etc optical drive but when I plugged it in to my laptop to play a movie it wouldn't read the the disc because of some driver issue when windows 7 should have automatically found them or I don't know why it didn't come with drivers disc… So I hope you get this message soon so i can start pc gaming again, Although I like the olden stuff that I played as a kid and teen but i do like new stuff just not any game that requires any sub fee or a free game that only way you advance is by paying lots of money each time for add on's or items in the game fuck that shit…

  • Tempora158

    WSUS Offline Update with automatic reboot and recall enabled allows you to walk away from the computer and get most of the Windows Updates installed.

  • Daniel Holiday

    Just bought a Rog Asus G20, Desktop loaded with win 8.1. I want to do a fresh install of win 7 ultimate 64, but having major issues in uefi. my Asus bios is 0703, not sure what to select to get the install. I have turned off secure boot, local computer guy said he will charge $150 to load 7.

  • christopher wolf

    So I watched to the end.  Glad you did this video.  I CAN POINT my son, daughter, and ex wife this directions when they have issues instead of me running them through it over the phone and then trying to get them to install teamviewer so I can fix the rest for them :).  Not enough vids from all you wonderful tech gentlemen.  Please do a video with Jay, awesome, and paul.  Tech talk.  Would be awesome :)./