Changing the Display Settings in Windows 7

Learn how to change the size of all items displayed in Windows, as well as the resolution and orientation on your monitor or monitors in Windows 7.

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  • HP Computing Support

    These display settings are generally controlled by the Windows operating system, so these steps should work for a Notebook too. There are some advanced settings controlled by the graphics card driver in some cases, but I think this will work for you.

  • HP Computing Support

    Ah, ok. You are correct. Windows 7 Starter edition doesn't have the ability to change the personalization settings. There are some things you can do though. I just googled "changing display settings in win 7 starter" and found some forums that mention some options.

  • HP Computing Support

    Can you raise your resolution any higher than that? If you restart your PC after changing the settings, does it fix the issue? Do you need to make some adjustments on the monitor itself to stretch the image on the screen?

  • VanillaSweetCakes

    I have a mashed screen. So basically its squashed and looks like a error of something you would get after playng a game. basically I was playing a game and was mashing the ctrl, alt and arrow keys, then it tilted my screen upside down and started spazzing out so I restarted my computer and changed my screen settings to "horizontal" but not its like this and everything seems compressed and large… help?

  • HP Computing Support

    I'm not sure what PC or graphics you have, but it sounds like you may have triggered the control panel for the graphics device to change settings. If you look down by your clock, you may have an ATI or NVIDIA control panel icon or something called "Catalyst Control Center". Open that app and you can make advanced display changes. One of the changes is the orientation of your screen.

  • junaid usama

    i do not have the options of changing resolutions please help me??? my monitors screen is 14" and i dont have the proper resolution settings please help??????

  • HP Computing Support

    I don't fully understand when you say you don't have the option of changing resolutions. Are you saying that when you go to the display properties there is no other resolution option than just the one you are set on? Or are you saying you can't see anything because the settings are really off?

  • junaid usama

    but from where can i download and install them i have looked for them too much but i can not find them would u plz tell me how and from where to download them i cant find the compatible graphics for my pc plzzzz helppp

  • HP Computing Support

    Look for the name of your graphics in Device Manager, and then search for that device with the word "driver" and the name of your operating system, such as "Win 7" in google.

  • komaldeep diyali

    Hi. Recently I'm troubled by my monitor settings. And the answers seems to be out of my wit.
    I have an HP DV9000 Series Notebook. I had given my laptop for servicing (installing my laptop keyboard with a new set). Everything was normal after that. But found out my quickplay tap keys were not working. Then I gave it for second servicing. The tech guys did it brilliantly. But now my laptop lags very much. Especially watching video & playin' games. My monitor display is set to: mobile pc display..

  • komaldeep diyali

    instead of "Generic PnP Monitor". I tried everything to restore my previous settings; unistalled nvidea drivers, reinstalled, updated, re-updated, restored …..still I'm unable to fix this issue. Your prompt guide for this issue is very much appreciated. Thank you!

    PS: My drivers are up-to-date.

  • CeafEffects

    is there a way to dont use pieces of your monitor display, so those pieces wil be black. cause my monitor is 1280 x 1024, so it have enough pixels to make it 1280 x 720. is there a way to do that?

  • Dragos Radu

    Hi, I need some help, I don't know how to choose Default Aero or (something like this).When I put my click on open icons on the taskbar I don't see theirs full appearance, same when I press Alt+Tab.I just see theirs icons accompanied by the icons name.   P.S. I have windows 7 and I tried to gave as many details as possible. 

  • Zameer Khan

    Hi there, I really need help from my computer. First of all when i woke up this morning my computer was shut down. When i put it back on, i saw that the screen resolution was 800×600. My recommended setting was 1366×768. So it only showed half the screen at first. When i went to Screen resolution, the options were only 4, i couldn't go in the middle it was just for options. The options were 800×600, 1024×768, 1280x 1024 and last was 2048×1536. It didn't have my recommended setting at all. So the only thing I could do was put any setting that i can see best since 800×600 showed like half the screen and so big. That setting was 1280x 1024. Ever since then i tried all these videos and all these advice but nothing worked, all videos kept saying go to your recommended setting on screen resolution. Before all of this i shut down my computer twice thinking the 800×600 setting would come off, I have windows 7. Please help me, I dont have any thing else to try

  • bruce housley

     got 2 diablo 3 on my one pc but here is what's going on. the windows for both games or to big i got them as small as i can. but one is on top of the other one how do you make them smaller!! so i can see them both. at the same time with out one being on top of the other one??

  • silvar valdma

    Hi i have this problem that i can change only very High and very small screen i cant change average screen, there can use only they numbers 1024×768 and 800×600. How to fix it?

  • fat cat

    hello 🙂
    I have a problem when i play a game beocuse some how It changed the grafhic card when I was changing screen setting..
    sorry for my english..dont rage ;U

  • Sterbin

    I bought a 23 inch HP monitor and it's great but I can't seem to
    Get the best color look settings for gamjng and in gamjng mode it doesn't look quite good… 

  • Panda M Lansana

    I installed windows 7 32 bit OS on Sony VAIO VGN-FS550, but the screen size became smaller. I went to display setting to make change on it, it does not change to full screen size. Can someone help me adjust it?